Meldon Park Simmentals 2023 Bull Sale


Sale Video


Image Gallery ~ Bulls for Sale (Click image to enlarge)

01_MELDON PARK S155 (P)_med 02_MELDON PARK S136 (P)_med 03_MELDON PARK S137 (PP)_med 04_MELDON PARK S121 (PP)_no tag_med 05_MELDON PARK S108 (P)_med 06_MELDON PARK W S148 (P)_med 07_MELDON PARK S105 (P)_med 08_MELDON PARK S132_med 09_MELDON PARK S129 (P)_med 10_MELDON PARK W S200 (PP)_med 11_MELDON PARK S199 (P)_med 12_MELDON PARK S206_med 13_MELDON PARK S209 (P)_med 14_MELDON PARK S161 (PP)_med 15_MELDON PARK S216 (PP)_med 16_MELDON PARK S103 (P)_med 17_MELDON PARK S141 (P)_med 18_MELDON PARK S117 (P)_med 19_MELDON PARK S140 (P)_med 20_MELDON PARK S182 (P)_med 21_MELDON PARK S185 (P)_med 22_MELDON PARK S111 (P)_med 23_MELDON PARK S217 (P)_med 24_MELDON PARK S191 (P)_med 25_MELDON PARK S186 (P)_med 26_KBV Sensation (Pp)_med 27_KBV Sheer Force (PP)_med 28_KBV Sampson(Pp)_med 29_KBV Simon (Pp)_med 30_KBV Sultan (PP)_med 31_Navillus Park Sambuca (P)_med 32_Navillus Park S24_med 33_Navillus Park S29 (P)_med 34_Navillus Park T12 (P)_med 35_Navillus Park S40 (P)_med 36_Navillus Park S47_med 37_MELDON PARK T14 (P)_med 38_MELDON PARK T075 (PP)_med 39_MELDON PARK T7 (P)_med 40_MELDON PARK S207 (PP)_med 41_MELDON PARK S160 (PP)_med 42_MELDON PARK S192 (P)_med 45_MELDON PARK RB SOLDIER BOY S187 (S)_med 46_MELDON PARK S134 (P)_med 47_MELDON PARK S188 (PP)_med 48_MELDON PARK S147 (P)_med 49_MELDON PARK S94_med 50_MELDON PARK S47 (P)_med 53_MELDON PARK S225 (PP)_med 54_MELDON PARK T12 (P)_med 61_MELDON PARK T15 (P)_med 62_MELDON PARK T1_med 63_MELDON PARK T35 (P)_med 64_MELDON PARK S139 (P)_med 67_MELDON PARK T31_med 68_MELDON PARK T21 (PP)_med 69_MELDON PARK S183 (P)_med 70_MELDON PARK T64_med 71_MELDON PARK S169 (P)_med 72_MELDON PARK S190 (S)_med 73_MELDON PARK S133 (P)_med 74_MELDON PARK T37 (P)_med 75_MELDON PARK T22 (P)_med visual lightbox jqueryby v6.1


Bulls and Females available for Private Sale.
Please feel free to contact us.